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Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Guest: Antoinette Braks
The world is becoming increasingly complex, disruptive, and interconnected. Antoinette Braks joins Maureen to discuss how we need later-stage leadership capacity to transcend the turmoil and lead others in transformative efforts to create a new, more sustainable society, economy, and planet. This requires vertical learning to later stages of development, especially to a stage called Strategist or Synergist, where there are less than 10% of executive leaders. Vertical learning takes the lid off our growth potential.

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

During the last year, we have seen dramatic change and Futurist John Peterson tells us we will see more change in the next decade than in all of human history. If this is even directionally correct, we need to prepare board members to lead through this range of complex changes. Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of Competent Boards, joins Maureen to discuss her Future Boardroom Competencies report.

Friday May 19, 2023

Featured Guest: William A. (Bill) Gentry
As part of the International Leadership Association Conference series, I invited Bill to discuss his new book focusing on helping new leaders and the teams they lead succeed. Bill talks about: • Common mistakes new leaders make • The unique challenges faced by first time managers, such as the transition from “BFF” to “boss” • How first time managers can motivate their teams, while maintaining the relationships they had before the promotion • What support first time managers actually need, and how organizations can provide it This interview and the associated book provide a great foundation for helping first time managers.

Friday May 19, 2023

Featured Guest: Dr. Gama Perruci & Aldo Boitano
We discuss changes in leadership we are seeing and how important clear leadership, followership, and agreement on a goals is to drive successful outcomes. We expand the definition of leadership to integrate the impact of the environmental and cultural context in defining the leadership style. This discussion explores the range of styles (continuum) from command and control to inclusive leadership and when to use each style. This shift requires leaders to have a broader range of skills than required when only command and control were required. It also requires the leader to know when to step aside and share leadership. We explore how to enhance this capacity in building leadership through intellectual curiosity. This process includes creating disorienting dilemmas or approaches to development outside of standard programs. Aldo discusses how he used mountaineering to build his emotional skills and the ability to interact effectively.

Friday May 19, 2023

Featured Guest: Juana Bordas
As part of the International Leadership Association series, Juana talks about the eight leadership principles that set the foundation for cross-cultural leadership. These are drawn from best-selling book “Salsa, Soul and Spirit – Leadership for a Multicultural Age” Juana discusses the principles and illustrates them with examples that apply to our current global organizational environments. 1. Know your history and respect the history of others 2. Mi Casa Es Su Casa - cultivate a generous spirit 3. From I to We - lessen individualism and cultivate collectivity 4. A leader among equals 5. Leadership is social responsibility 6. Community servanthood: create a community of leaders 7. Generate a shared vision 8. All my relatives - treat everyone like a relative Finally, Juana offers recommendations to build the capacity to live these principles in your daily leadership practice.

Thursday May 18, 2023

Featured Guests: Barbara Kellerman & James McGregor Bruns
As part of the International Leadership Association (ILA) series, Barbara Kellerman, recently awarded the ILA’s lifetime achievement award, will discuss her thoughts on the end of leadership as well as her point of view about followers, leaders and contexts given our current environment. This rich conversation spanned topics from: 1. the end of leadership, 2. bad leadership and perspective antidotes, 3. how we as leaders think about followers and understand them, 4. how context informs effective leadership, 5. how leaders evaluate the environment to take effective action, 6. the current state of political leadership across the globe and some of the underlying trends. This conversation is a must listen for leaders trying to make sense of the current landscape in leadership and in organizations. Barbara's insights will inspire your thinking about what you do as a leader and how you can improve your effectiveness.

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Guest: Dr. Dale Meyerrose
The workforce is changing rapidly and finding the right talent is a continual challenge for leaders. To complicate matters, technology is changing the nature, if not the definition, of work. The general technologies related to AI and machine learning are seen as having the most potential to influence these workforce dynamics. Dr. Meyerrose will bring clarity to these rapidly evolving concepts and developments with which leaders will have to deal sooner rather than later.

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Guest: Edward Trolley
In a world where jobs are changing dramatically and there is a shortage of skilled workers, training can be a strategic business enabler, yet most companies don’t have the expertise and competence to provide training that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of their businesses. Employee development is a critical element for all companies and companies need the right people, processes, technologies and methodologies to keep their talent current. How can organizations make the change such that L&D is delivering measurable business value to their companies at acceptable costs? Ed talks about the books he co-authored and contributed to: Running Training Like A Business: Delivering Unmistakable Value, and the three ASTD published books, Building Learning Capability Through Outsourcing, Lies About Learning and More Lies About Learning as he explores the history of training outsourcing and the growing need to get it right as a business enabler and for the right ROI.

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Guest: Cheryl Heller
Business strategist and designer Cheryl Heller shares her system for putting social design into action to solve seemingly intractable problems facing business, governments, foundations and social organizations. “Social design is about changing people’s perceptions about what they believe is possible and can work together to create,” says Heller, who chairs the first MFA Program in Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. “It instills a belief in human creativity and builds the capacity for communities to imagine new realities.” It runs counter to the conventional wisdom that our future is best left in the hands of experts who believe they have all the answers in advance. In complex social systems, navigating in uncertainty and chaos, plans don’t work, only networked innovation and experimentation does.

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Guest: Jules Pieri
All kinds of people come up with ideas for new products, but most have no idea how to move beyond the “what a great idea!” phase. These are individuals Jules Pieri wanted to empower when she cofounded her company The Grommet, an online product launch platform that discovers, supports, and sells innovative products made by ordinary Makers, inventors, and small businesses. Jules joins the program to discuss the Maker Movement, how women are involved in the movement and how listeners can begin to be involved. She shares insight from her recent release HOW WE MAKE STUFF NOW: Turn Ideas into Products That Build Successful Businesses. A book written to share with all readers the advice and inspiration she has given to the thousands of partner entrepreneurs that The Grommet supports, so that anyone of any background can turn their idea into a product they can sell—and eventually, into a thriving business. Tacy Trump as the Executive Producer.


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