Friday Mar 03, 2023

S5-Ep14: Five Lessons in Resilience: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Guest: Kate Terrell

During the course of our careers we face a series of challenges in our personal and professional lives. Kate talks about how she navigated her Stage 4 cancer diagnosis while holding a significant leadership role. She discusses her personal and professional journey. She has Five Lessons in resilience that she wished my younger self knew. Whether an individual is just starting out in her career or is trying to find his Ikigai, (A Japanese concept that means "a reason for being."), Kate’s lessons are applicable: 1. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 2. Focusing on what you can control 3. The days may be long, but the years are short 4. Practicing the art of gratitude 5. Paradigms can put you in handcuffs – explore other perspectives Kate hopes that her triumphs and failures will help individuals realize that they can live a life of resiliency and internal prosperity.

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